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Custom louvered pergola roofs provide a wide range of benefits, but there are still plenty of homeowners who don’t have these roofing systems on their property. There are many reasons behind this: some people aren’t aware that louvered roofing systems exist, while others know about them but think they aren’t worth the hype. Still, others know that installing louvered roofs on their patio can be beneficial, but they believe they can no longer get one since they already have a pergola.

However, if you fall under the latter category, you need to know that you CAN still get a louvered roofing system for your patio — even if there is an existing pergola over it! This is particularly true if the following requirements are met:

Your pergola is in excellent condition.

Most louvered roofs are made of extruded aluminum, which is sturdy and long-lasting but significantly lighter compared to other types of metals. However, even though aluminum louvers are lightweight, you need to ensure that they will be installed on a stable and durable structure. Otherwise, the louvers won’t function properly, and the entire roofing system won’t last long. If your pergola is warped and rotted, it’s probably best to replace it with a sturdier structure that can provide the support and stability that louvered roofs need.

You use the right product.

Different louver roofing systems have different styles and functions. Some are designed to be added on to existing pergolas and can be customized to fit any location, while others are not. Because of this, it’s essential to do your research and look for roofing systems that suit your needs. This way, you’re assured that your new louvered roof can be installed in no time and that you can immediately start enjoying the benefits of having a custom louvered pergola. The good news is that plenty of louvered roof systems nowadays are designed with existing pergolas in mind, so there’s no need to look high and low just to find the ideal product.

You’ve hired reliable installers.

Adding a louvered roof to a pergola isn’t easy since the process requires advanced skills and tools. So, before moving forward with the project, you’ll want to look for companies that specialize in custom louvered pergola installations. With their help, you’re assured that your louvered roofing will be installed on your pergola according to the highest standards and that you won’t experience any issues due to poorly done installation.

Anyone with an outdoor living space on their property can benefit from installing louvered roof systems — whether they have an existing pergola or not! To learn more about custom louvered pergola installations, get in touch with Outside Wholesale today. We are proud to be an exclusive distributor for Sundance Louvered Roofs. We work closely with property owners to help them design the best louvered roofing system for their outdoor living area. We’ll also handle the installation process from beginning to end, leaving our customers with nothing to worry about. Give us a call now