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What is a Louvered roof?

Your outdoor living space is defined visually and protected from the weather thanks to a louvered roof. A louvered pergola roof replaces the concepts of a standard patio cover with a design element that enriches the overall look and feel of your home and outdoor living space, especially if your home’s design and architecture are essential to you. Louvered roofs have slanted horizontal slats and can be opened and closed with the push of a button, turning the roof 180 degrees. This allows you to adapt your outdoor living space in order to block or let in as much sun, shade, wind, or rain as wanted.

Pros of Louvered Roofs

They Can Withstand Weather and Different Seasons

The best part is that you can modify the shade you need with a louvered roof system as the sun moves around the sky. You can leave all the louvers open in the morning to enjoy the sun when the temperature is a little chilly. Or you can close the louvers to the desired position when more shade is needed as the temperature rises. A louvered pergola effortlessly protects everything underneath by automatically closing its slats when the rain begins to fall.

Choice of Look

One of the primary advantages of louvered systems is this. By enabling you to change the angle of the roof slats for the optimum amount of shade and weather protection, louvers provide you complete control over your commercial or residential space. If you choose to customize your louvered roof, you can have complete freedom over the look and space used for it.

Resale Value

Adding a louvered roof pergola to your home can increase the resale value and overall look of it, which makes it look more inviting and appealing to everyone.

Cons of Louvered Roofs


The use of louvers is not always an option for those on tight budgets. In such a situation, however, it is preferable to put off the installation and save money rather than settle for less expensive and ineffective options.

Some Models Lack User-Friendliness

There are various designs of louvered roof pergolas. Some might not provide as many lighting and shade options as you’d want, or they might have a small number of openings.

What is a Gazebo?

Outdoor gazebos, often freestanding, can add much interest to your space without requiring a significant financial or time commitment. The usual gazebo design is circular, typically octagonal or hexagonal, and has a domed ceiling supported by sturdy pillars. However, they cannot be controlled like a louvered roof because they are a fixed construction.

Pros of a Gazebo
  1. Numerous materials may be used to construct gazebos, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. Your budget and the project’s final design will determine the materials you select for your gazebo, which can range from hardwood to vinyl, aluminum, and even wrought iron.
  2. Your home will gain value immediately and become more enticing to potential purchasers if you install a high-quality gazebo.
  3. The floors and roofs of gazebos function to block the scorching sun and rain and prevent the ground from becoming muddy due to the weather.

Cons of a Gazebo
  1. Hiring a professional to finish the work on a gazebo is crucial. As a result, putting up a gazebo can become very expensive and time-consuming.
  2. They don’t feel as open as a louvered roof and take up more yard area without optimizing the use of the space. This makes it essential to carefully consider where you’re going to build your gazebo to avoid giving your yard a disjointed or messy appearance.
  3. Wood will require maintenance to keep it looking new whereas the powered coated aluminum roof will keep its look for years to come with little or no fading or rotting.

Bottom Line

The gazebo is well suited for you if you have ample garden space and no budget restraints. But a louvered roof is perfect for you if you have a limited budget and any amount of yard space. It ultimately falls to what is your taste and your budget. Contact Outside Wholesale today and request a free estimate of your ideal Sundance louvered roof and check out our gallery of work for inspiration!