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This has been the year for outdoor living, interior designers say. Thanks to the pandemic, many homeowners have found a new appreciation for improving their homes, especially their outdoor living spaces.

Now, if you’ve been bitten by the renovation bug too, you’d want to make sure that your outdoor area is not only stylish but also cozy enough for you to enjoy all year round. This means adding in either a louvered roof system or a pergola. Here are their differences:


A pergola is essentially an open structure consisting of a roof grid with horizontal wood planks and several columns supporting it. In some homes, a pergola design can be left uncovered for vines and climbing plants to grow. This adds to the Mediterranean feel of a home.

But in most cases, homeowners choose to invest in the best pergola covers to keep the space usable even after the summer. Having your pergola covered will also save you from the hassles of constantly moving your furniture if it rains or snows to protect it from damage.

Either way, having a pergola is an excellent addition if you’re extending your outdoor living space with a patio where you can place a dining or entertainment area. A pergola also offers that added privacy to your outdoor area, even without any walls. You just need to choose the right pergola design to fit the rest of your home.

Louvered Roofs

At the same time, a louvered roof is another good patio cover option because it’s a roof made with slanted horizontal slats that you can open or close whenever you want to. It has become a staple in backyard architecture since a louvered roof isn’t only very stylish but it’s also very versatile.

Since the louvers can rotate 180 degrees, you can open them up if you want the sun to brighten your patio. But if the sun gets too bright for your liking or the weather isn’t good, you can simply close the slats.

Most of these louvered roofs can also be operated using a remote control, so you don’t need to run out if you want to close the louvers. Since they’re slanted, louvered roofs also offer a modern aesthetic that perfectly fits any modern minimalist house.

A louvered roof is especially ideal if you live in warm climates where the sun can be overwhelming during the summer, but you’d still want to enjoy seeing the stars if you’re out on your patio on a good night.

Which one will you choose?

Choosing between a pergola and a louvered roof will depend on several factors. For one, your roof needs to blend in well with the rest of your home’s design. You might have a theme in mind, so think about that when choosing between these designs.

Of course, you need to consider your budget in your decision. Get in touch with a reputable supplier of louvered roofs and pergolas, like Outside Wholesale, to get a quote for the design you want. Request a free estimate today!