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Property owners have always been looking for ways to improve their living space since time immemorial. However, the pandemic-induced “stay at home” mandates have made it more important to have not just basic shelter but also a welcoming haven where homeowners can relax and enjoy themselves. Even now, as the world slowly returns to normal, many people are still keen on doing projects that will make their homes more comfortable and attractive.

At the same time, commercial businesses are making outdoor spaces available for people to feel more comfortable coming to visit. The good news is that there are plenty of excellent improvement ideas to choose from, including installing a louvered pergola.

This type of patio cover comes with extruded aluminum slats that can be brought from 0 to 150 degrees (and anywhere in between) with just a touch on its remote control, and it can be a dream come true for people who love spending time outdoors. But the question is this: are louvered roofs worth the hype?

For many property owners, the answer is “Yes.” This comes from the fact that louvered roofing systems provide the following:

Full shade control at your fingertips

With traditional patio covers, you’ll inevitably have a “take it or leave it” relationship with the elements. Either you stay under the shade all day and miss the opportunity to bask in natural light, or you drag your chair to the middle of the yard and risk getting sunburnt. Fortunately, this wouldn’t be the case if you got a louvered pergola! With its 150-degree adjustable slats, you can choose to open the roof and allow sunlight in fully, or you can leave it partially shaded to keep your patio cool while still seeing the sky — the choice is all yours!

Instant protection from the rain

Since louvered roofs are remote-controlled, you can easily close them whenever necessary. So, if you’re spending the day outdoors and it starts to drizzle, you can simply push a button, and your louvered roof will close itself to keep you dry and warm.

Customizable look and feel

Modern louvered roofs are available in various configurations, so homeowners can easily find one that perfectly suits their needs. There are several colorways to choose from, so you can ensure that your new louvered roofing will match your property’s exterior paint and complement its overall appearance. Louvered pergolas can be built to fit against another structure or designed to be freestanding, and they can be custom-made to suit any patio size.

Well-designed and professionally installed louvered roofs are worth their weight in gold and are an excellent investment for most property owners. If you have an outdoor living space and love spending time in it, consider improving it with a louvered pergola. Don’t worry since Outside Wholesale is always ready to assist you with the installation process!

As a trusted distributor for Sundance Louvered Roofs, we can help you choose the best louvered roofing system for your patio and ensure that it’s properly and securely installed. If you’re ready to begin your louvered roof installation project, give us a call today!