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The world may have returned to normal, but it’s definitely a new kind of normal. Life post-pandemic has changed for most of us. You can almost say that the pandemic has rekindled our love for nature, the outdoors, an indoor-outdoor lifestyle, and the feeling of a “staycation” amid the vibrant atmosphere of the city.

If you take a look around today at most of the commercial establishments like shopping malls, grocery stores, cafes, formal restaurants, and even gasoline stations with an extension bookstore or café, these businesses have capitalized on renewed interest in outdoor dining and seating by having commercial louvered roofs. For your own business, it’s essential that you invest in using the full potential of your outdoor space for the following reasons:

✓ Increased buying capacity
. As a rule of thumb, your business should look at every available commercial space and not overlook the potential for “seating” or “capacity.” The more customers you can accommodate, the better. Invest in your outdoor space by putting up commercial louvered roofs to accommodate dining and seating. This will result in higher revenue and foot traffic for your business, especially during the off-season.

✓ Renewed look and aesthetic
. One of the best qualities of commercial louvered roofs is that they instantly freshen up the look of your business. If you don’t have the resources or the time to renovate your commercial business, louvered pergolas are the way to go. They add an instant feel of “backyard architecture” to your space and make it feel homey yet still elevated at the same time. You definitely have to capitalize on this kind of ‘alfresco dining’ experience if you want your business to continue to flourish.

✓ Weather-proofing features
. Even during the summer season, a raincloud or two could still drop by unannounced and drive away your customers. This is exactly why it’s ideal for businesses to have waterproof pergolas in their outdoor areas. The retractable features of these commercial louvered roofs are able to protect and shelter customers from the sun and light rain showers. Plus, they provide excellent shade so your business can still attract busy afternoon lunch crowds.

✓ Added customer experience
. Your business may not currently attract the “happy hour” beer-chugging crowds or the late-night mocktails people, but new commercial louvered roofs might just do the trick and attract a new kind of interest in your business. It’s definitely to your advantage if you create a new niche for your business simply by upscaling the seating arrangement and capacity. Even if you might not be in the food industry, your place could still get substantial traffic just from having a shaded patio cover for customers, which you can stylize with beautiful lighting.

When it comes to enhancing the features of your business, whether it’s getting new equipment, training your customer service, or putting up new commercial louvered roofs, it’s always a wise decision to invest in what can bring a good ROI. Your customers’ satisfaction should always be your top priority. With our curated and durable commercial louvered roofs, you can’t go wrong! Give Outside Wholesale a call today so we can talk more about our collection of highly durable products!