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Louvered roofs are the perfect addition to decks and patios since they provide shade from the sun and rain and allow homeowners to enjoy their outdoor living space regardless of the weather. However, many property owners hesitate to invest in a louvered roofing system because they think it’s not fully waterproof. The reality is that different louvered roofing products from different manufacturers have different waterproofing levels. However, here at Outside Wholesale, we exclusively offer Sundance products that are specially designed to keep the rain out when they are fully closed.

How Louvered Roofs Stay Waterproof

Our products are made with a unique pergola design that allows for 150-degree louver rotation using fully adjustable slats. This means that you can keep the roofing system fully open when you want to allow natural light into your patio or deck and keep the louvers slanted to create a slight shade while still being able to see the sky. Of course, it also means that you can fully close your louvered roof when it starts to rain.

Sundance uses a tongue-and-groove design to make sure that each louvered roof system will lay fully flat when it’s closed. This design not only gives the roofing system an attractive finished ceiling but also ensures that rainwater will quickly flow through it. This ensures that zero moisture will seep through the roof and that your deck or patio will stay fully dry.

Worried about how long your louvered pergola will last when it’s constantly exposed to the elements? When you purchase one from Outside Wholesale, you won’t have to worry since we use high-quality materials to build the retractable louvers. Each roofing system is made with 6″x 6″ extruded aluminum posts and 2″x 8″ extruded aluminum beams, along with durable and adjustable slats. An IP-67 motor gives you complete control over the slats, and the motor is fully waterproof and maintains its fast and smooth mechanism regardless of the weather.

Caveat for Property Owners

With their modern design and durable materials, our patio louvers are always ready to provide waterproof protection for decks and patios. However, it’s important to note that we offer motorized louvered pergola roofs and not fixed verandas and stationary patio covers, which means that it takes a few microseconds for the slats to fully close. Because of this, it’s still recommended to use flooring, furniture, lighting, and decorations that are suitable for outdoor use. This way, you can enjoy your outdoor living space and create the elegant patio or deck you’ve always wanted — without having to worry about your furnishings getting damaged.

Reach Out to Our Team

Outdoor Wholesale proudly offers Sundance’s fully waterproof louvered roofing systems to homeowners and commercial property owners. If you need additional information about our products, or if you’re ready to order a custom louvered pergola to protect your property from the heat of the sun, rain, falling leaves, and other environmental factors, feel free to contact our team who has more than a decade of experience in providing louvered roofs! We’re always ready to answer your questions and help you choose the best possible roofing system that will add more comfort and value to your deck or patio.