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When people think about getting louvered roofs for their home or business property, they usually focus on choosing the best possible model and finding the right contractor to help them with the setup process. However, when it comes to louvered roofing, installation is only half the battle! To make the most out of your investment, you should also take good care of your new louvered roof and ensure that it will last for a long time.

Why It’s Important to Clean Louvered Roofs

There are several steps you must take to keep your louvered roof system in good condition, and one of these is to properly clean the structure whenever needed. Remember: louvered roofs are exposed to the elements 24/7, which causes dirt and debris to accumulate on their surface as time passes. Fortunately, through proper cleaning, you can easily remove the grime that settles on your louvered roof and keep it pristine and beautiful for a long time.

How Often Should Louvered Roofs Be Cleaned?

Experts agree that residential and commercial louvered roofs should be cleaned once or twice a year. However, depending on the louvered roof you build and the surroundings, you’ll want to do more frequent cleanings if your property is near the ocean or if your area has higher levels of pollution. This comes from the fact that regular exposure to salt, dust, smoke, and other contaminants can damage the louvers and the framing, which is why they should be washed off more regularly.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Cleaning Louvered Roofs

Keeping your louvered roof clean might seem complicated, but the process is quite simple, especially if you have installed a Sundance Louvered Roof, which is specially designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. You can fully rotate the louvers for cleaning mode and easily wash their surface with a garden hose, remove grime and stains, and make your louvered roof spotless again.

Sundance Louvered Roofs also have built-in gutter screen tracks, which means you can purchase gutter screens from your favorite hardware store and easily install them on your louver roof. By taking these steps, you can prevent leaves, dirt, and other debris from falling into the tracks and clogging them, making you spend less time and effort cleaning your gutter tracks.

Get Additional Information on Louvered Roof Cleaning

Need more advice on how to keep your louvered roofs clean? Reach out to Outside Wholesale, your exclusive distributor for Sundance Louvered Roofs! We supply and install high-quality louvered roofs for homeowners and businesses, and we can provide you with helpful tips and tricks on louvered roof cleaning and maintenance. Of course, you can turn to us for expert assistance if you’re still looking for the best pergola covers. Our team can guide you through the selection process and help you pick the ideal product for your property, and we’ll ensure that your new louvered roof system will be installed correctly in your home or business facility.